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JTM Capital Management, LLC leadership recognizes that to be successful in the debt management industry and in order to provide stability for its employees, it must be responsible for creating a like-minded culture.  Our like-minded culture will instill and continuously promote JTM Capital Management, LLC's core values day in & day out at all levels throughout the company.  Beginning in the executive suite and echoing throughout JTM Capital Management, LLC, it will be mission critical that all communication, collaboration, and decisions consider the values of the company at all times regardless of who is involved. Leadership further acknowledges that JTM Capital Management, LLC's value system must be incorporated into the way we work with both our internal and external Clients.  By valuing the person who sits next to us, down the hall, or in the executive offices the same way we would an external Client, we will be creating a customer service environment that says all of our relationships, whether Collector to Collector, Leadership to Collector, Collector to Consumer, Collector to Leadership, and Leadership to Client, are all equally important and critical to the success of JTM Capital Management, LLC.  Having created an environment that places importance on how we value one another, how we value our positions, and those we work for, JTM Capital Management, LLC will be positioned to deliver premier service to its external Clients each and every day for many years to come.


Our Values:


Guided by a relentless focus on our core values we will create an environment that not only capitalizes on opportunity but also promotes E.T.H.I.C.S. throughout our offices, up & down our halls, and at every seat filled by an employee of JTM Capital Management, LLC.


Excellence – quality/distinction/brilliance

Trust – believe/expect/dependence

Honest – truthful/direct/sincere

Integrity – honesty/truthfulness/honor

Confidentiality – private/assurance/discretion

Security – protection/precautions/safe


Leadership will work diligently to inspire greatness in its employees – truly our greatest asset.  By doing so, leader after leader will emerge regardless of title, our support system will be strengthened, and our external Clients will seek us out as they will desire to partner only with the best of the best.  JTM will insist our core values are our cornerstone.  By doing so, we will be setting a foundational standard for ourselves; a standard that others in this industry can merely dream of attaining.

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Andrea Rose

Chief Compliance Officer



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CPRC# C1603-1080

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